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The Tentmakers is a life-style apparel & handmade crafts shop that helps missionaries serve the Lord all across the world.



We are the Shorts... and these are our Short Stories.


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A Short Story:

Matt Short


The Key Hole on Longs Peak at 3am.

The Key Hole on Longs Peak at 3am.

The significance of the Not Alone shirt takes on so many faces for us! As we travel across the ocean, to New Zealand, far from family and surrounded by the challenges of a new culture the words, "If I rise on the wings of the dawn,  if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast." comfort us. For we know that He goes with us. We can not escape His loving embrace! He is for us, and with us no matter where we go in life. But also because of the topographic design. Longs Peak holds a sacred place in our hearts! We climbed it last year starting at 11pm and hiking through the darkness to summit at 6am. The pristine quiet of hiking through the night was like nothing we had ever experienced before! It felt like you could hear the very breath of God in the stillness, the cool breeze and twinkling stars above. The quiet was something I could not get past! In our noisy world, this is precious space! We had the summit to ourselves as we watched the first rays of daylight break through the atmosphere and fill the darkness around us. A magnificent display that could only begin to scratch the surface at describing the true Light of Life. Even in the deepest darkness His light prevails! He can and will penetrate ANY DARKNESS you are facing! I know this... because He has for me. So I wish to encourage you with this: TAKE HEART, you are not alone! He is present. Even when you don't know it.

-The Shorts