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The Tentmakers is a life-style apparel & handmade crafts shop that helps missionaries serve the Lord all across the world.



the tentmakers | a short intro

Hello, my name's Matt Short and this pretty lady next to me is my wife, Larissa. We are the tentmakers. We started this lifestyle apparel brand because as Christ-followers we believe that we've been given the greatest story ever told! The story of God's love for his creation. And we love telling that story!!!

Our desire for The Tentmakers is to make new friends and inspire them to share the life and love of Jesus with the world around them. We believe this brand has the ability to breathe life and energy into a generation that desires to be authentic, living out their faith through their daily interactions. This is why we call The Tentmakers a "lifestyle" apparel brand. Our prayer is that it would encourage a lifestyle of missional love. 

Larissa and I believe that we are all called, as the children of God, to share His love with this world, and that every believer is an ambassador for Christ (a missionary). All have the potential to bring light and life into their workplace, their schools, their homes and their churches. May these shirts be a catalyst for such light.

If you'd like to get to know us more, we're on Instagram and Pinterest or drop us an email by clicking on the mail icon at the top right corner of this page.

I currently raise support as a missionary to serve my local Missional Community, Worship and the Word Movement. The Tentmakers is a way for me to generate income while I serve this radical movement. Please check them out, as they've been a huge support in making this vision come to life! 

Above photo taken by Jarrod Renaud

Put simply, this life we live is not our own. This skin, these clothes, they are a tent that we reside in only temporarily. We look forward to and long for an eternal heavenly country, but until then, embrace the beauty of this tent. We believe that this life is a gift from The Giver of all good things, Jesus Christ. And we are grateful!
— Matt Short

FAQ (that may not be obvious):

What's with the name? You don't make tents!

Excellent point! Haha, well we are Colorado natives and love camping, backpacking, fishing and just about everything to do with the outdoors! That may have been a part of how we landed on the name, "the tentmakers", but a major part of the decision was based on the Bible verse 2 Corinthians 5:1-5 as well as Paul's temporary occupation as a tentmaker mentioned in Acts 18. I am currently also a missionary, raising financial support in order to serve the body of Christ freely with my visual arts, but this business is a way for me to generate some income... thus similar to Paul's "tentmaking".

What do you mean by "lifestyle apparel"?

The lifestyle that we choose to engage in is one of following Jesus. This lifestyle is fueled by love, truth, hope and eager anticipation. Thus our apparel is simply a reflection of that life. May our clothes and accessories empower you to live the lifestyle of following Jesus.

Who makes your handmade accessories?

Well, Larissa primarily. =) It's sorta her thing. We've got some great friends who help from time to time, but it's just us.

What kind of shirts do you print on?

We're a bit of sticklers about this topic actually. I REALLY dislike wearing shirts that are itchy or stiff. I like my shirts to be comfortable and to last (too many of mine are ones I wore 7 years ago)! So we haven't skimped on quality! We currently print on Next Level Apparel shirts that are 4.3oz 100% ring spun cotton, except for our heather grey shirts which are 90% cotton and 10% polyester.

Are your prices in $USD?

Yes. Current exchange rates for international orders will be calculated by your credit card provider.

What are your Pre-Order Sales?

We offer Pre-Order Sales on every Collection two weeks before they launch in order to give our fans (who are mainly our friends and family) an opportunity to grab our shwag at a discounted price. Sweet, huh? This hooks our friends up, as well as helps us gauge which items people are liking most. We ship all Pre-Ordered items within three days of the Collection's launch date.

When will I receive my Pre-Ordered items?

We ship all Pre-Ordered items within three days of the Collection's launch date. Our guess as of right now is that you should receive your purchase within a week of the Collections launch. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further shipping inquiries. We'd be happy to help.

Why is shipping taking so long?

At this point in our production process, it's just Larissa and I making this puppy run, so it takes a tad longer than a large full blown company. Plus certain shirts we have printed on-demand. Meaning, when we receive an order, we print that shirt and drop-ship it to our customers. This reduces our inventory and adds a unique element to your shirt wearing experience... there are far fewer of them out there, making them more unique! ;) Our hope is that you'll receive your order within a week of purchase, but sometimes it can take up to two weeks.

If you have further questions, please contact us via the small mail icon in the top right corner of this page. We'd love to hear from you!



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